I met him

I met him under trees,
I met him in the orchards,
He was holding my hand, with wrinkles on hands, rough enough to feel anything,
They had a story to tell but I couldn’t listen till he was gone.

Those dreamy eyes and weary face, soft his voice was sober in taste,
wild intentions he had none, could it ever be river flows none ?
Time keeps me reminding of you and moments don’t pass.
They say time is a healer but for me grieve hasn’t passed,
like a ghost your memories keep haunting me,
like a wanderer they keep roaming aimlessly.

I met him on ways to and fro,
And those ways have now become a mirage of yours.
You tread a path and I used to follow,
but least did I know this is gonna be so hollow.
Seasons change, places change, time changes, world changes
so do people and their places but who’s gonna be your change ?
I don’t feel like crying anymore but its just that piece inside you,
you start to try to stuff that place but it becomes more unoccupied.

I see you at the places we have been,
I see you up above, i see you in and around me,
I see you whenever I feel a sense of you around me,
I see you and live with the memories I am left of yours,
I see you shining in the darkest hours of night,
I see you raging like lion while you are gathered by beasts,
I see you on mountains which you conquered by determination,
I see you in palaces which were ruins once before,
I see you in between your death and my life,
I see you always.
I see you.

This poem is dedicated to my beloved uncle whom I lost last year .

To whom are you showing ur arrogance
Your life is just a breeze which passes by
Which brings life to many and smiles on faces
And then still and hard like dead leaves
Silently crumbling noise it makes and doesn’t know how to groan
Over a distance people talk about you
Replenishing your tasteful soul, woes they makes too.

Are you beautiful? (Part-2)

After a few months when she was good now, she looked up to herself into the mirror just to scream and cry. She didn’t look the same as she used to be she wasn’t very beautiful though but she did look good enough. Scars over her face with burn injuries barely she could recognise herself into the mirror but still she could know her inner self. Her inner beauty was totally contradicting her outer appearance now. That red dress won’t be worn by her as her as she had blemish skin, those curls are gone now. Men will think before approaching her when she will trip on heels, not everyone will lend a helping hand in such situations. People won’t notice her beauty when all they can see is appealing beauty in other women, those curves and looks, wavy hair and sleek legs. That bright look on a face when lips are shut and eyes talk, those body looks which make men turn around.

That’s what “beauty” for most of the people define as something appealing and stimulating in nature especially for opposite sex. Women are not an expensive car for which we seek attractive looks and exponential features but it’s like a nature which is to be sought, to be gained and adored tremendously. They are like rain which cleanses, refreshes and rejuvenates everything it falls upon, they stand up like mountains to protect you from storms of failures and struggle. No matter what if she’s not beautiful for everyone else but she’s the most beautiful women for you.

While keeping all this in mind she didn’t panic at all because she knew well what beauty meant for her. She never wanted to look catchy to attract men but she always believed that one day someone will meet her and discover her true self and will love her unconditionally and won’t leave her ever. A knock on the door and here he comes with a smiling face greeting her, he sat next to her and was just wondering. “Now that I’m not the same person I used to be, my face is unrecognisable and everything is ugly now. You won’t be able to take me out for dinner and coffee, you won’t be able to go for a vacation with me. Would you still hold my hand and walk with me or is this over now?” She said.

While looking out from the window he saw friends and colleagues together talking and laughing, he saw old people walking together, he saw many couples holding each other and smiling. To him they didn’t know what beauty is, does it vanish with age or is it inside without going away even with wrinkled face. He went close to her and with nervousness and teary eyes she said “Am I beautiful”? And he said, “You look beautiful much more than you ever were, much more than the world has ever thought about, much more than angles and queens and you will be so till time immemorial. And I still love you the same way I fell for you from beginning.”

Are you beautiful ?

While walking on the roadside, she was wearing a simple red dress and hair curled a little. Looking at the different dresses in the exquisite shops, she didn’t want them atleast not now she wasn’t interested in all that. She just looked at them, and thump ! She just turned her ankle while walking on her heels, cursing herself for wearing them as she already had an encounter with those, painfully she summed up herself to find a hand to help her out. Without looking at the face she holds it and gets up to see a well dressed and dashing man with a smile on his face.

She thanked and expressed her gratitude and they had a little chat and he asked her for a coffee. Eventually that “helping hand” was held for a long time, dating each other and then they fell for each other. They had their offices not that far from each other, sometimes they would grab a coffee and have long chats on their way to office.

One day as he was sitting in his room some rough thoughts started to come in his mind. What is it that I love about her? He started to question himself in his mind. With an average looks and simple clothing, she’s not alluring, no model looks, she’s not voluptuous either, has got nothing with the fashion, trendiness and that newness in the city. Just on her own she’s loving and caring and comfortably enjoying herself in her own world.

While he was absorbed in her thoughts his phone rings, still in numbness of her love not trying to get out of those beautiful thoughts and feelings of her. He reached upto to his phone and to his surprise it was her, now his face was radiating and he greeted her. They went for a dinner together and that aura of fondness was surrounding them.

Next day they were in their offices working as per schedule, suddenly news started to come that there is fire in a building few blocks away. While watching this news people were trying to evacuate casualties. Keeping updated with the news again he started to work without giving much attention to it. After work they usually met for a coffee but this day she didn’t come, tried her phone and she didn’t pick. He got worried and left for her home to see if everything is good, suddenly he walks past by a news on a television which showed identities of people injured in the fire explosion. He was shivering with fear when he saw her face burnt and body bleeding, as if it was a nightmare for him. He rushed to the hospital to see her but she was being treated all he could listen was screams and whimpering of pain injured in this incident. Lifeless knees and numb body he couldn’t think of anything else then her. He wanted to go for a vacation with her, he already planned for a dinner next day in one of the finest restaurants in city, he wanted to meet up her with his friends but it all is now blown away, gone like ash in the air.

. . . . contd.

You should love me

#eyes #beauty #love #someone #smile

Is there anything special or specific you like about someone ?
Does it include their hair or beautiful eyes or make be their looks or smile. The craziness which you feel inside when you have them around or when you meet. That rush of adrenaline or miss in heartbeat. What brings up those butterflies in your stomach ?

What makes you love someone? She said to him curiously.
Before that he was explaining why he’s in love with her. And with stress on words “and you should love me ” were resonating in the atmosphere.

“You can’t make anyone fall in love with you, you just fall for them irrespective of your will and consent”, she said. Nothing can be a barrier if you love someone and nothing can bridge that gap if don’t love him. You can’t make your heart beat for someone if he’s not in you. It just beats for them even if you didn’t wanted to.

Love is like a flowing river, it just makes it’s path even if there are mountains in its ways. It seeps in gradually and jumps down deep to fill it up.

And after listening to these words when he was numb and wordless, he turned back to seek love again.

Scars in my blood

#occupation #armyatrocities #kashmir #freedom

Somewhere in between the night

and it was height of the night

when gate was shattered and

doors started banging, windows were broken

and everywhere there was a roar

with fear grabbing me, senseless knees

and thumping heart

all I could hear was clattering shoes

noise from above room and nearby

with trembling knees and fumbling lips

I crawled up to the window, all to see

guns and men in uniform

still they were and vigilant too

as if they had been hit by one or two

bloody eyes and frowning faces

finger on the trigger while searching every cases

frightened to see everything, I decided to hide

but I also knew of the repercussions it has

with a slam on the door I was in shock

guns pointing towards me and I was grabbed by the four

all I could hear now was sobs of many and I thought of my last moments

time seemed to stop so did my hearbeat

I was helplessly explaining my innocence

someone from the group of people voiced up to revolt

to which the army officer dealt with a blow

that blow was on his head

and it shook me from my existence

blood started seeping like a water on any way

everything was dead silent as if everyone was grieving

the existence in occupation is everyday a mourning !