To the people

To the people who stand up like mountains
to the people who keep running like a stream
to the ones who are softened like cotton
to those who are lighter than air
to those who are free as a bird
to them who are rising like fire
and inside them are burning desires
with glazing eyes and in them cherished dreams

The candle of ambition should never be extinguished .

We must say

#hope #letspray #letsbeone

With every word we say

with every heart we pray

with every eye in tears

with every pain and pleasure

with love and affection, pure and perfection

on stormy nights and dreamy days

with angels around and up and over the ground

with a belief hard to believe

by our unscathed and unscattered motives

from the cries of the birth

to the groans of the mourns

to the extent of living beings existence

and from the prophets of land and sea.

Let’s all pray and say ” This time shall pass too and we are the hope”.

War of love

#livewithlove #foreverlove

It was all scented in my universe,
my eyes closed to feel this heaven,
Just as they say with silent clouds comes rain,
You weren’t silent at all, lighting and thundering is what caught me in,
After which I had to face your storm,
It was raining above like ash is blown,
Comes with full force but doesn’t hurt,
Your love is what brought torrent,
As thunders of emotions kept me awake,
And it was all raining love over me.

I wanted to sit inside you heart,
to know what can be crest of it,
the more you love more thirsty I feel,
holding your hand close to my chest,
just want you to breath inside me,
A kiss on your cheek and it takes me upto the peak,
my lips are cherishing yours.
It has travelled and explored every bit of you,
my senses have been hacked by your body.

To me all this is a battle, sometimes offensive
and sometimes I have to retreat,
this rage in me has made me a warrior,
I just want to enter in the battlefield and let the war of love begin.

Note:- Dear readers this attempt to write a poem is among intial ones, don’t know much about dialects, forms and stanza. I hope you would appreciate and guide for future.

An angel in respite

#maturity #fiction #closetomyheart

When corona virus was spreading all over the world and everyone was in pain and uneasy state, many were in bad shape. Some lost their parents; some lost their close and loved ones to it. It was agonising when one wasn’t able to see them for the last moments or on their last rituals. That togetherness with which we hold each other, which gathers us when someone is dying, those sobs and revisiting past moments lived together, those beautiful memories spent with a laugh in every moment. It’s all encapsulated into the house of memories and emotions, that stream which flows by inside gives it a rush.

As the mass testing was taking place and a team of doctors with few healthcare people were performing tests door-to-door, pandemic has to be contained and people with cough, fever or running nose like symptoms have to be quarantined. There came a boy who was tested for it and he didn’t have much symptoms but doctors took his swabs and blood samples. After it was tested in the laboratory it puzzled doctors not because he was COVID-19 positive but took them to some other conclusion. Something in their which was tested showed symptoms improving in COVID-19 patients. He was asked to come again for more testing and it surprised many doctors and researchers, his antibodies were fighting this virus perfectly. It was something into his genes as if they knew of this virus long ago.

He wanted to give his samples for some assurances and preconditions to be actioned on. Many doctors and ministers thought he will ask for money, fame and property everywhere. But to their surprise he asked for something which was quite unimaginable and realistic much more than money and property, more than what we greed upon, more than anything which any human being has asked for in return to their assets, capital and power, more than what we couldn’t ever think of in this meaningless crowd of people running around for wealth and exhibiting their self.

He shot down everyone around not with bullets and machines, not with tanks and fire, not with money lust and brags but with his innocence of sense of responsibility with his unfathomable concern for the future world. Even though he was a kid but his maturity was exceptional and moving, he had a sense of accountability in him. With a melancholic face he looked as if he was dreaming and in deep contemplation, it was evident he didn’t dream of racing cars and robots and sci-fi movies.

While listening to him attentively as it was a matter of millions of people who suffered from this pandemic and many gave up on life, many lost everything to it – jobs, businesses and what not? And in all this there were billions who were at risk of it when there was no specific vaccine discovered to combat this lethal virus.

He asked for peace in the world, peace in inter-religious hatred which has abridged people from each other. It has taken lives and destroyed families and communities altogether, this hatred led to fall in dynasties and empires. It instigated war amongst kingdoms and make kings and leaders boil with rage, destroyed civilisations and created tormenting history.

He wished for stoppage of bloodbath all over, when one country or community wants to conquer the other with the power and dominance, it helps none other than enemies. Those rivals which are enemies of growth and prosperity of the world, who can’t think of advancing in a constructive direction. These set of people are always in continuous planning as how to topple any state and take control of it. It never leads to peace anywhere and gives birth to bloodshed. It torments people who live in war zones, their lives are miserable and they become “victims of war”. The guiltless souls are disrupted their dreams razed to the ground. Their children witness their closed one’s murders and killing spree by the oppressor, these young souls notice the atrocities inflicted upon their fathers and mothers even sometimes on them too.

He wanted the world to stop making weapons rather make hospitals and schools. In these tough times when the world is in the middle of pandemic and distress, people need more of “healing stations” rather than guns and bombs. This world right now and ever needs more of doctors and mentors to build up any society. People won’t beg in front of missiles and tanks to heal them up, this is something even a child won’t do. But surely people with minds will be contented to see “healing stations” where their pain and illness will be healed, they will listen to the advice of doctors and mentors to safeguard themselves. They will be given pills for their ailments not bullets and bombs as a remedy. There they will get a list of do’s and don’ts but not a war tactics to act upon. Afterall man has a tendency to live a normal happy life not like ferocious tigers and gorillas.

He wanted them to commit themselves to heal this earth and connect with the nature. Earth is like a living being which needs to be nurtured and healed, it has to be taken care of. It wants to communicate with people living on it but are humans ready to listen to it? With every developmental step we took it was always and never our priority to protect it from exploitation. Earth was never handled with care and we could never listen to what it wanted to tell us. This is right time for it otherwise we will be wiped out with such tiny organisms, even if we will claim to conquer the sky and earth.

Pandemic pandemonium

These circumstances right now reminds me of the situation on the day of judgement. Everyone’s is frightened as well as tense, no one cares about relatives and friends, everyone is concerned about himself. If someone is infected or symptomatic everyone tries to keep distance from them.

These are the testing times and we as humans are shown how tiny and weak we are, and there is a lesson in every bit of it. If we don’t amend ourselves right now then when will we ??


Kashmir’s history won’t be written with the beauty it has.

It will be written with tearful and painful eyes of a mother, with sobs and affliction of a father, with blood of martyr, with the wounds of youngsters, with a wailing sister, with an innocent cry of a child on her fathers corpse, with the burning houses. It has to be re-written with forests of fire, with mountains of bodies, with gushing streams of young blood, with meadows of oppression !

Is this how this world ends ?

This world is all mess all around. Life is lifeless, lives are chaotic. Everywhere there is a disorder. People are dying due to diseases, hunger and epidemics. The unrest in middle East has killed tremendous number of people. Little ones facing acute shortage of foods and supplies. Rather than going to school they are closed inside tents. Some with no parents and others have no clue of their future.

World’s big countries leaders are mad men, whipping people in the name of democracy and freedom. Peace is just a word spoken in sermons and speeches. They greed for power and resources. Even though economies are failing and poverty and unemployment are all time high, governments are still boasting about progress and developments. It feels like some scavengers are controlling a state, ready to crush masses if they don’t get along with them.

The mass killings and mass shootings which killed people all around and shattered many sinless souls. This is by far or less result of rising ethnic hatred amongst people. They disrespect others tradition and culture and don’t have patience to accept it.

Global warming is killing this world slowly and irreversibly. The pollutants of environment and natural ecology is adding fuel to it. The wastage of food, water and energy is giving rise to such destruction which can’t be mend for years together.

How could we be so mean and greedy ? What are we going to give our next generations ? How much they will hate us and how will they forgive us for the sins they didn’t participated , for the hell which we are preparing for them ? How bitterly they will remember us for the catastrophic changes made to this planet and they direly want to change it ? And lastly how will they survive in the conditions which will be faced by them ?

If the world has to end then it shouldn’t be like this. People should be able to meet loved one, animosity should be driven off. Peace should be made with enemies and dreams unfulfilled should be completed. It doesn’t feel like dying when you are not complacent even though one doesn’t get a choice.

Rather than dying fearfully it should be peacefully.


#love #love in universe #peaceandlove

Someone was asking him, “What is love?.” 

He said, “Love is infinite and immutable, it’s unconditional and couth.”  It’s transverse through the universe and transcends on to earth. 

Love is when galaxies meet and universes unite, it’s when planets circle the sun. Love is when air is transformed into clouds and it rains on earth, when thunder gives shelter to unroofed and rains make them dance. Love is when a dead seed pushes itself to life on the surface and breathes. Love is when bushes, plants and trees dance when wind wants them to. Love is when a tree flowers and fruits and shades everyone. Love is when it’s burned down to ashes and it doesn’t groan. Love is when a calf is hitching while her mother is watching it. Love is when her mother is grabbed by a lion and she gives a painful look at his calf. Love is when a buck is lost from a group and deer searches for it relentlessly. Love is when a birds chirping makes mother uneasy and she searches for food. Love is when a mother gives birth to a baby in life threatening circumstances and is overjoyed by it. Love is in each others arms when the body is numb, eyes are watery. 

Love is when you set your hearts free from envy and enmity. Love is everywhere and in every moment we have. It’s just we need to feel it, imbibe it from universe around us.

Lustful eyes

And when she caressed her hair behind her ear and it slowly dropped at her neck. The day was cloudy so were people around her. Some had “dark clouds” on their mind, with thunders of lust lightning their eyes, with rain of desires pouring inside them. It might give rise to stream of pains tossing with stones and making grating noise.

She had her own flair, with dark shades on her eyes, dark hair talking with air. Her looks unfathomable and dress irresistible, and of course her body which had eyes on. Eyes which were adoring her beauty, eyes which were smiling at her, eyes which were jealous of her and some eyes which had lust in them. Lustful eyes were them which wanted to tear her apart, they wanted to be a beast to feed on a feast. They were the ones which wanted to grab her, run along her body and burn down her soul. If all they wanted was her love, she could have given it. But they had plans to undrape her after all they were men with an arrow above ♂️and self-pride as low as underground and she with a cross below ♀️no lenity no tenderness.

As she was putting a smile on her face and whirling her bag she kept advancing towards home. Lustful eyes kept tracking her watching her flouncing, ambushing for a trap and unveil their flood of insatiable desires. But she was busy with her own world, dreaming of success at every step and they wanted to succeed in their own unwanted destine. She wanted herself to be accredited and they were planning to smear her. The moment they were distance away from her, one told another “I can feel her curves and bit of detail in her. Her dress is inviting and her body is dishy.” The dark shine in his eyes was clear and they were telling a story. One could see a clear wound around his neck which reveals another story of his soul wilderness. He might have been on such a mission before, selecting, chasing and then molesting. These injuries made it clear that he was one of those who hadn’t watered their conscience and morals to grow in a beautiful fragrant flower, to grow in a tree which shades and yields too.

She made her way home and she could feel somebody is chasing her. As she looked back to check, three men were going after her. Her questioning face started to pale, her eyes dark and a wave of nervousness swept her. She started to walk fast and try to get home soon, during this time she was thinking of recurrence of such incident. When was it that she had to run for life when such people were following her? A sunken heart, trembling hands and irregular steps, every moment was making her uneasy, these moments were turning into hours or maybe more. She was thinking to herself, what is it that they are following me, was it dress or may be unintentional smile or may be “cloudy eyes” are used to it. They have a habit of following and chasing every target they see, or maybe they do it for fun and others for lust.

Father and I

Most of us are told that when you will be a father then only you can understand your father. It’s true to the extreme boundaries of life.

Everyone has a dream and most of us try to walk towards it. Some achieve it in the shape of career, some struggle to keep up with it and most of us die with dreams buried inside.

Most of people complain that there is a difference in understanding between a father and son. Sometimes it may be due to age gap and in most of the cases it happens due to not understanding each other. At a very young age they become a support for you and then we come up with our own. It becomes hard for one to understand that parents don’t get what we want to do or what we want to convey to them. It may be due to their experiences that they won’t allow us to do something or may be they don’t want to expose us to experimental fields.

Sometimes one dreams of being something out-of -the box and you try to achieve it through ways which are non-conventional to them. You fail sometimes and get an eye from everyone, it becomes painful for you. You try to walk again with shivering limbs, with stressful eyes, with broken wings to fly again. You create history sometimes and sometimes fail again.

And the best are those who learn and stay calm in failures, who stand still against gusty winds of challenges and walk with a smile on their face. They have an aura of success and perseverance over them. With a broken smile on their faces and dreams determined to be achieved, they climb up not to the ladder of success but to the sensation of triumph.