Are you beautiful? (Part-2)

After a few months when she was good now, she looked up to herself into the mirror just to scream and cry. She didn't look the same as she used to be she wasn't very beautiful though but she did look good enough. Scars over her face with burn injuries barely she could recognise herself... Continue Reading →

Are you beautiful ?

While walking on the roadside, she was wearing a simple red dress and hair curled a little. Looking at the different dresses in the exquisite shops, she didn't want them atleast not now she wasn't interested in all that. She just looked at them, and thump ! She just turned her ankle while walking on... Continue Reading →

Is it so hard ?

How hard is it to be good to everyone ? How hard is it to love everyone ? How hard is it not to yell at someone ? How hard is it to bury animosity and envy ? How hard is it to make peace ? How hard is it to make someone happy ?... Continue Reading →

You should love me

#eyes #beauty #love #someone #smile Is there anything special or specific you like about someone ?Does it include their hair or beautiful eyes or make be their looks or smile. The craziness which you feel inside when you have them around or when you meet. That rush of adrenaline or miss in heartbeat. What brings... Continue Reading →

Scars in my blood

#occupation #armyatrocities #kashmir #freedom Somewhere in between the night and it was height of the night when gate was shattered and doors started banging, windows were broken and everywhere there was a roar with fear grabbing me, senseless knees and thumping heart all I could hear was clattering shoes noise from above room and nearby... Continue Reading →

Oh nature! Tell me how did you survive in pain and agony, in conflict and wars, in unrest and impatience, in chaos and confusion.

To the people

To the people who stand up like mountainsto the people who keep running like a streamto the ones who are softened like cottonto those who are lighter than airto those who are free as a birdto them who are rising like fire and inside them are burning desireswith glazing eyes and in them cherished dreamsThe... Continue Reading →

#hope #letspray #letsbeone With every word we say with every heart we pray with every eye in tears with every pain and pleasure with love and affection, pure and perfection on stormy nights and dreamy days with angels around and up and over the ground with a belief hard to believe by our unscathed and... Continue Reading →

War of love

#livewithlove #foreverlove It was all scented in my universe,my eyes closed to feel this heaven,Just as they say with silent clouds comes rain,You weren't silent at all, lighting and thundering is what caught me in,After which I had to face your storm,It was raining above like ash is blown,Comes with full force but doesn't hurt,Your... Continue Reading →

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